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You can enjoy a stress-free experience with no penalty for early purchase.


Rent-to-Own provides an excellent solution for individuals or businesses seeking additional storage space that fits within any budget. Thousands of customers have taken advantage of this program to acquire their dream building. With a cost comparable to that of an off-site storage unit, anyone can benefit from having storage at their back door!

The best aspect of Rent-to-Own is that there are no penalties for early purchase. Also, upon completion of the agreement, the building becomes your property.

Our Rent-to-Own program is effortless and does not involve a credit check. With a 5 year contract being the longest term offered, you are not tied down to a traditional 15+ year contract. You can return the property to the Rent-to-Own company with no further obligation, except for any past due payments you may have. The program is exclusively a rental with a choice to purchase, after which you can enjoy lifelong ownership of the building.

You can begin the process by filling out the form below to get in contact with the Cabin Connections lot nearest you.