Cabin Connections offers complimentary delivery of storage buildings within a 50-mile radius from the dealer's site.

In the event that you require delivery to a site that exceeds 50 miles from our primary location, kindly reach out to us, and we will make every effort to accommodate your request.


Our structures are transported using a truck and a speciality shed-trailer. Upon arrival, the structure will be carefully unloaded from our trailer and skillfully maneuvered by the mule to its designated position. By utilizing this approach, we can deliver storage buildings in a secure and efficient manner, with minimal harm to your lawn or premises.

Kindly be advised that on certain occasions, we may need to reschedule the delivery of your structure due to various factors, such as unfavorable weather conditions, traffic, mechanical difficulties, or unexpected events. Should this happen, rest assured that we will make every effort to deliver the unit to you promptly.


Prior to the delivery of your structure, it is important to prepare your site. The following steps must be taken:

  • Ensure that the pathway leading to its destination is at least 4 feet broader than the actual width of your structure.
  • If there are any obstructions, such as fences, low-hanging limbs, power lines, etc. that could impede the path to your structure's destination, please make the necessary arrangements prior to delivery.
  • In the event that you have an oversized building or have concerns, the delivery company can have a driver assess your property beforehand to confirm whether the intended location for your structure is feasible for delivery. Contact a dealer today for information and fees.

Our topmost priority at Cabin Connections is the safety of your property during the entire delivery process. Regardless of the distance covered, be it 5 miles or 50 miles, we are committed to ensuring that your structure is transported securely and safely.

Have a question? Don’t hesitate to contact us: 1-877-328-8051 ext. 1002.