What benefits come from owning a shed constructed by Cabin Connections?

Our building process starts with a foundation consisting of 4" x 6" notched runners, 16” on-center treated floor joists then Advantech/Diamond flooring. We also provide a large range of options so you can customize a building to your needs! Our dealers maintain a large selection of inventory that allows you to see the different models and options you have to choose from, while also being able to select one for yourself right off the lot! On the other hand, if there is not something on the lot that suits your needs perfectly, we can custom build!

Are your structures complete and habitable?

Please check your local codes for regulations on sizes, permanent foundations, etc. When paid off, our structures are essentially an exterior shell that can be customized and finished by the owner to turn them into a living space. While you can get an invoice showing that the building is paid in full, these are portable buildings, therefore they do not come with titles, deeds, etc.

How do you deliver your sheds?

Cabin Connections offers free delivery of our buildings within a 50-mile radius from our dealer location. To ensure a smooth delivery process and avoid any damage to your property or structure, we use a mule (similar to a forklift) that is designed to maneuver in tight spaces and move across the ground causing less harm. Our qualified staff prioritize the safety and preservation of your building and property throughout the transportation process, no matter what type of structure we are delivering. You can learn more about our delivery process HERE, or CONTACT US with any questions.

How do I maintain my storage building?

Cabin Connections buildings are Amish-made with care, ensuring that it requires minimal maintenance. To help you preserve the structural integrity and appeal of your building, we suggest the following maintenance tips.

  • Be cautious when mowing or maintaining around your building to avoid scraping or hitting it.
  • As your Cabin Connections building is a portable structure, settling may occur overtime due to the ground freezing and thawing. As a result, the doors may become uneven and difficult to open or close. In such cases, you may use a car jack to lift the building on the lower side and add shims under the blocks to level the building and ensure the proper operation of doors. This is a straightforward solution that will prevent any issues with the doors.
  • Cabin Connections use a quality paint that has the potential to endure for over 20 years if maintained properly. To acquire touch-up paint a color sample can be taken to a local hardware store that offers paint matching services.
  • Prevent dirt buildup around the perimeter of the building to allow water drainage and maintain a clean and dry structure. Ensure the area around the structure drains properly and does not hold water, as extended moisture can cause damage.