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Industry's Best Shed & Portable Building Warranty | Cabin Connections

Our shed warranty in Kentucky is second to none! When you choose Cabin Connections to build and install your Barn, Cottage or Cabin, we cover it with the best local warranty in the industry.

About Our 5-Year Warranty

Cabin Connections products have a 5-year warranty to cover defective materials, handiwork issues, or inadequate installation. Our product guarantee covers the original purchaser of our products, including barns, cottages, and cabins, starting from the day of delivery.

We strive to provide optimal customer service and will repair or replace our products within reasonable expectations for customer satisfaction. Do note that our warranties require proper maintenance and consistent protective exterior painting.

If you find any damage to your shed or portable storage building, call us as soon as possible. Our team will evaluate the damages and help diagnose the possible causes, and we will schedule the necessary repairs if the damage has coverage under warranty.

Our Kentucky clients require sturdy and longstanding storage to fit their needs. As such, we want your storage building to last as long as any other part of your property. Feel free to ask us for more information about ensuring proper maintenance on your shed or portable building.

Call us immediately if you notice any damage to your Cabin Connections shed or portable building. We’ll inspect the damage and schedule the necessary repairs if it falls under warranty coverage.

Limitations of Our Warranty

Our Cabin Connections product warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. This damage may include wood or wood product cosmetic changes or color fading on exterior surfaces.

Our warranty also does not cover damage caused by extreme weather, or “acts of God.” Such acts could include lightning strikes, tornadoes, or floods.

While our products have water coatings, the coat effectivity can decrease from abnormal sunlight, saltwater exposure, or extended wet conditions. The warranty does not cover a split or warp in the product caused by such conditions, and it also does not cover damage due to improper maintenance or natural land level shifting.

Regardless of how damage occurs, we will always inform you of what your warranty does and does not cover. Do not hesitate to contact us to receive help determining which portable building changes have coverage.

About Our Limited Lifetime Warranty on Metal

We use Panel-Lock PlusTM CentralGuard® on our roofs and metal siding due to their superior color and vibrance. This metal coating has a variety of manufacturer warranties.

Some protective warranties they offer include lifetime coverage for the paint and a 30-year warranty against fading. They also ensure advanced dent resistance and rust blocking on their products. 

Because we only use the best materials, we proudly utilize their product in our Amish-built storage. The warranty for our rooftops and metal siding comes from the manufacturer. Always feel free to speak with our expert sales representatives about the metal warranty for more information.

Rely on Cabin Connections for Your Portable Buildings

Cabin Connections materials come from top-quality sources, with Amish-made blueprints that ensure a sturdy building. During planning, we check that all products have the proper treatment and coatings necessary to last as long as possible. Our buildings come with a warranty that satisfies customers across Kentucky.

We value the trust our clients put in us and seek to provide the utmost customer satisfaction. If you need to review the warranty on our products, don’t hesitate calling us at (833) 243-7252.

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