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Cabin Connections Red Barn

Mini Barns

Customizable portable mini barns in Kentucky

Starting at $2,900.00

Mini Barns are a compact and efficient storage option that can be tucked in a corner of your yard. It’s great for storing lawn mowers, garden tools, sports gear, and other small household items.

You probably won’t be able to use a mini barn as a workshop without windows for a cross-breeze, but its size is perfect for storing your tools, works in progress, and scrap materials.

This gambrel roof design provides the advantage of a sloped roof, while maximizing overhead space. Cabin Connections Mini Barns are available in variety of sizes and colors.

Mini Barn Specifications​

Our mini barns offer a sidewall height of 4’, comparable to the total height of a large shed. Choose from 8-12’ in width, accommodating your riding mower, extra feed, old tack items and more.

If you love the barn look but live in a residential neighborhood, our mini barns may be your perfect storage solution – taking up significantly less space than our larger options without sacrificing style.

Mini Barn Available Options