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High Barns

Customizable High Barns Built Here in Kentucky

Starting at $3,900.00

With one of our lofted barns, you’ll have extra storage space on your property that looks great too. These barns feature 7-foot walls with loft space above, as well as double doors. You can drive your lawn mower right in for easy storage. Multi-purpose and versatile, these buildings are large enough to store farm equipment, tools, riding gear, and more.

If you need a work area where sawdust and shavings won’t be an issue, then this is the perfect solution! The high ceilings and wide double-door design make it easy to get big projects done without making a mess of things. Plus, if you add power to your new barn – voila! You’ve got yourself the ultimate workshop

High Barn Specifications​

Our standard lofted barn features a deep shotgun layout with double-door access and lofted ceilings.

Options include pressure-treated or painted wood siding with metal roof. Check out our lofted side barn for a barn with doors on the long side of the build.

All Available Options