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Garden Cottages

Garden Cottages

Kentucky Custom Built Garden Cottages From Cabin Connections

Starting at $3,900.00

Garden cottages are a popular tiny home style for those wanting a picturesque getaway or cozy permanent residence. Some even use them to store extra possessions. No matter why you want one, a custom-built garden cottage is easy to find in Kentucky—look no further than Cabin Connections.

At Cabin Connections, we offer the largest selection of Amish-built garden cottages, tiny homes, utility sheds, and more. Order your garden cottage or shed with custom specifications and we’ll design and manufacture a cabin that meets your exact requirements and takes your idea from a dream to reality.

Benefits of a Custom-Built Garden Cottage

There are many benefits of choosing an Amish-built, custom garden cottage versus other alternatives. When you order a Cabin Connections garden cottage, you get a premier solution with benefits including:

  • Storage: A garden cottage provides a beautiful, discreet, protected way to store garden supplies and other belongings. Spacious layouts allow for ample storage of even the bulkiest items.
  • Sustainable, simple living: Those interested in simple living can choose a garden cottage to reduce their environmental footprint. 
  • Durability: We use the best quality materials and pressure-treat all siding, flooring, and other surfaces to adequately weatherproof your garden cottage. Our business uses industrial-strength solutions to ensure our structures last.
  • Amish-built construction: High-quality craftsmanship from Amish builders means you get the finest level of detail and handiwork from experienced carpenters for all models of garden cottages.

Customizable Garden Cottage Specifications

At Cabin Connections, our Amish-built garden cottages are custom to your specifications. With a fully-customizable design, you can replace original selections with new options for the following:

All customization options are compliant with Kentucky building codes. You can trust us for the most reliable garden cottages, no matter your construction choices.

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